Sunday, 22nd January 2012


20120122-224800.jpg a test photo

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Thursday, 22nd July 2010


Yesterday we took a trip to the Aquarium in Plymouth…  Lots of exciting fish to see, though Rosie was convinced the little ones looked sad…  And did wonder if the model of the big whale was going to eat her!

DSC00074.JPG DSC00075.JPG DSC00076.JPG DSC00077.JPG DSC00078.JPG DSC00079.JPG DSC00080.JPG DSC00081.JPG DSC00082.JPG DSC00083.JPG DSC00084.JPG DSC00085.JPG DSC00086.JPG DSC00087.JPG DSC00090.JPG DSC00093.JPG DSC00094.JPG DSC00096.JPG DSC00097.JPG DSC00098.JPG DSC00099.JPG DSC00100.JPG DSC00101.JPG DSC00102.JPG DSC00103.JPG DSC00104.JPG DSC00105.JPG DSC00106.JPG DSC00107.JPG DSC00108.JPG DSC00110.JPG DSC00111.JPG DSC00112.JPG DSC00113.JPG DSC00114.JPG DSC00115.JPG DSC00116.JPG DSC00118.JPG DSC00120.JPG DSC00121.JPG DSC00122.JPG DSC00123.JPG DSC00124.JPG DSC00125.JPG DSC00126.JPG
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Thursday, 29th October 2009


Abigail did some drawing today and did a beautiful picture of Wall-E:


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Saturday, 19th September 2009

Proud Mum & Dad moment…

Abigail came home from school on Friday with her first School Certificate:

Abigail's School Certificate

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Saturday, 19th September 2009

A few more photographs…

IMG_8173 IMG_8174 IMG_8175


IMG_8192 IMG_8193 IMG_8194 IMG_8196 IMG_8197 IMG_8198

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