Monday, 31st January 2005

Baby’s Heartbeat!

We saw the midwife this morning and she let us hear the baby’s heartbeat. It’s mad to think there is heart going BUMP-BUMP-BUMP inside my tummy!
If was slightly concerning when the machine used to hear the baby’s heartbeat just produced funny static sounds… and for a while Andy wondered if we were going to have a baby or a radio!
When the midwife finally found the heartbeat I just giggled becuase it was lovely… Andy told me not to gigle… But that just made it worse!

The midwife is very happy with everything so all is well… Next baby update will be in a few weeks when we see the consultant.

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Monday, 31st January 2005

Romans in a Week – NT Wright

As many of you will know I am a big fan of the writting of NT Wright (Tom Wright) (see link in the Theology section for more on Tom). And as we are currently studying the book of Romans in cell I thought this might be relevant to some of you…

Regent Bookstore (associated with Regent Collge in Vancouver) have a lot of lectures and seminars available to buy on CD. However they also run an online Radio show which can be found here:

Regent Radio :: Audio by Eugene Peterson, Gordon Fee, N.T. Wright and many more…

At the moment they are showing Wrights – Romans in a Week lecture series…

The first 5 lectures are also available for download from Christian Counter Culture

They are great talks, they draw out lots of the links between the OT and Romans and pick up on lots of the connections within the book itself.
Some of the talks are a little technical, but I think anyone should be able to follow most of it… Just do what I do, ignore the bits that are in _greek_…

If you miss any of them and fancy a listen let me know and I can let you borrow a copy…

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Monday, 31st January 2005

What is a Blog?

It has come to my attention that lots of people have never heard of a Blog… So I thought it might be useful if I explain the word’s origin and the purpose of the site…

*Blog — (weB LOG)*
A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is _”blogging”_ and someone who keeps a blog is a _”blogger.”_ Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.

Postings on a blog are almost always arranged in chronological order with the most recent additions featured most prominently.

Taken from

So why am I blogging? Well, I decided that I had been playing around with writting various websites on and off for the last 4-5 years but never found a format that I am really happy with, nor one with any purpose really!

So now that I have something to talk about, in the form of our child-to-be; the various resources and ideas I put together for my teaching; and stuff realting to Church and cell group; I though it would be nice to share some of these thoughts and ideas…

I plan to try and update the site every couple of days… Assuming I have something worth saying!

I hope that helps you all understand why I am doing this…

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Saturday, 29th January 2005

Handwritten Post

I have also found a way to handwrite posts!  [diagram of a cube] Which might be useful...

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Saturday, 29th January 2005

Substiting into Formulae

I was reading through September 2004 issue of MT (Mathematics Teacher – published by the ATM), and came across an article on teaching “Subtituting into Formula”

In the article Colin Foster (from our local Henry VII’s) talks about trying to find ways to make the task of subtituting in to formulas seem more interesting and relevant.

Whilst looking at the some sequnces with his Y9 group he stumbled across the idea that any finite sequnce can be expressed by a sufficiently complicated equation…

So he decided to set the students a more complicated task. He devised a formula which when you substitute in the integers 1,..,8 produces the schools phone number!!

The formula is quite complicated:

[tex]f(x) = \frac{107n^2}{5040}- \frac{241n^6}{360} + \frac{1547n^5}{180}+\frac{4157n^4}{72}+\frac{156179n^3}{720}-\frac{81017n^2}{180}[/tex][tex]+\frac{197387n}{420}- 180[/tex]
So subsituting in you get:[tex]f(1) = 7, f(2) = 6, [/tex] … , [tex] f(8) = 1[/tex]

He talk about the way in which he uses the task in the lesson by allocating pairs of students to look at substitutin in each number and then trying to build up a coherent sequnce and seeing if anyone can guess what it is… He also talks about the fact that their are inaccuracies from the claculator and how he asks students to think about why these might be the case…

I found the whole idea quite interesting and so decided to try to find the corresponding formula for Ruth’s school.

The article gave no clues as to how you might find your own formula… So with a but of hunting around and a couple of failed experiments I releasied that it is _just_ a matter of solving a system of 8 simultaneous equations. Now being the lasy person I am I decided to do this by forming a Matrix and getting excel to claculate its invervse and hence solve the system. (excel file attached at the end of the post)

So now we have a Formula, Ruth said she would have a go at using it with her Year 9 group. When she has had a go I will report back as to how well it worked.

Download Excel File Here

*Note:* This will produce the decimal co-efficents of your equation, however you will need to turn these into fractions yourself!

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