Thursday, 21st April 2005

God in edible form?

Is God really revealing himself in edible foodstuffs?

According to the BBC he just might be!

See their News in Pictures section!


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Tuesday, 19th April 2005

Make Poverty History Continues…

Make Poverty History
Just to keep Make Poverty History up in the forefront of everyones minds I thought I would post the second of their videos…


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Friday, 15th April 2005

And we’re back…

After an eventful couple of days we are back!

PlusNet (my host) encountered failures on multiple disks which has now been confirmed:

After further analysis to access the data on the failed disk array, our Engineers have confirmed the severity of the multiple disk failures have made it impossible for the data to be recovered.

So as a result I have had to restore a backup of the blog. Fortunatly this time I had a reasonably recent backup so didn’t have to repair too much!!

To make it easier to fix things next time, I have setup an automatic backup system that emails me with a backup of the entire site every evening… Hope it works!!

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Tuesday, 12th April 2005

Related Posts Plugin

I have installed a related posts plugin today (courtesy of Alex.)

It works by searching all the other posts for words that occur in the title of the current post…

You can view these related posts by following the permalink in the title of each post. Within this page at the bottom of the post is a list of related posts.

I will try it out for a while and try and tweak some of the relationships so that you don’t get completely random associations!

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Monday, 4th April 2005

All well with the wriggler! 22 weeks gone…

We saw the Midwife again today, and she is happy with all aspects of how the pregnancy is progressing. Blood pressure, sugar, protein, fetal heartbeat, growth and movement all good!

The baby has been moving loads lately! I felt it first at about 20 weeks, and Andy has now felt several kicks (and a head-butt I think!). My skin feels stretched, which will get worse as the baby grows. No other negative symptoms, apart from being constantly ravenous and able to sleep at any given time. That’s just par for the course!

We went to Scotland last weekend to visit my family, which was really nice. I don’t know when we’ll next get up.

We’ve now pretty much sold our house (and we’re living in a showhome!!) and have almost decided which house to buy in Warwick. We have a difficult decision to make between good house and good location. And my hormones make things seem fuzzy when I’m trying to be rational. Grrr…

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