Tuesday, 30th August 2005

Mummy & Abigail

Some photographs of Mummy and Abigail having a wee cuddle…


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Monday, 29th August 2005

Back to Work

Well tomorrow I start my new job at the Warwick School, which will mean leaving Ruth and Abigail at home! Which I have to say I’m not really looking forward to, although I am looking forward to starting the new job.

Anyway… One side-effect of me returning to work is that the frequency with which I update this blog and upload photographs is likely to slow down… I will still try and put up a few photographs/videos a week but it is unlikely to happen on a daily basis from now on… Sorry!

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Monday, 29th August 2005

Abigail’s Bath

We decided to give Abigail an extra bath today and let you join in the fun and games…


Hope you enjoy the photographs!

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Monday, 29th August 2005

Abigail and the Laptop

Ruth caught me today trying to plan some work for school next week whilst Abigail was asleep on my chest… She thought it was so sweet she decided to take some pictures…


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Saturday, 27th August 2005

The Midwife Cometh…

We had a second visit by the midwife at home today. All is well with Mother and daughter!

Abigail has already well surpassed her birth weight and now weighs about 8lb and 14oz or 4.040Kg for those working in new money.

We are all very pleased, but we are all a little nervous of next Tuesday when I have to go back to work…

I hope you enjoy these photographs Abigail decided to have a nice awake time this evening at about 10:20pm so I thought I would let you all share in it…


I also took some Video footage, but haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet… When I have I’ll update this post…

I have now added the video clip I recorded, didn’t have enough time to do anything fancy with it, but it does include a very cute sneeze!


Update 2:
Sorry I can’t type… This post previously said Abigail weighed 9lb and 14oz but it should have read 8lb and 14oz! Now corrected…

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