Sunday, 18th September 2005

Quick Update

Just a quick update:

Abigail is now up to 10lb 11oz (as of last Tuesday) and we are all doing well… If a little tired!!

Here are a few updated pictures:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:

As ever click on the pictures to see the rest of the album…

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Friday, 16th September 2005


I have implemented a new script today that will try to speed up the way the blog is served. At the moment, everytime anyone requests a page from the blog then the page is dynamically constructed. Under the new scheme what happens is the first time a page is requested the page is created and stored in cache. This static cached file is then servered to everyone who requests it for the next hour, and then the cycle begins again.

The result of this is that the main pages of the blog site will hopefully load much more quickly… The downside of this though is that pages will only get updated every hour. We will give this a go for a while and see how it goes… If you have any problems or are much happier with the new setup let me know!

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Sunday, 11th September 2005

Quick Update!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently… Work is going really well but is exhuasting!

Ruth and Abigail are both doing really well and Abigail was weighed last Wednesday and is now up to 10lb and 1oz, which is excellent!

I’ll try and get some photographs up when I have a moment!

posted by Andy at 10:45 pm