Tuesday, 25th October 2005

Aunts & Uncles…

We have come down to Godalming to visit my family, and we are staying with my Sister. These are a few quick pictures we took this afternoon of Abigail. I think there are a few we took last week that are still to go up, I’ll take a look and see what I can find when we get home!

Photographs are currently unavailable

Hope you enjoy the 45 pictures!

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Monday, 24th October 2005

Funny Emails!

A number of you have received funny emails from the blog in the last couple of days!! Sorry I have been having trouble with a lot of comment spam and so spent a few hours sorting this out over the weekend… But in the process I ended up reinstating all the old comments as new comments so those of you who had subscribed to comments in any of the threads (which happens by default when you post a comment in a thread) will have received emails telling you that a new message had appeared…

Sorry about that!!

The good news is that the spam situation seems to be in hand!

Will post a proper post soon with some pictures etc!

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Sunday, 2nd October 2005


Sorry it has been so long since the last update! School is going really well but is keeping me very busy!

I managed to find a few minutes over the weekend to put up some of the photographs we have taken in the last couple of weeks. As ever click on the picture to see the rest of the album…

Abigail and Ruth have their 6 week checkups this week, which is quite exciting. Abigail is still putting on the weight. She was just over 12lb last Tuesday!

Day 32:

Day 38:

Day 42:

Day 43:

Day 45:

Hope you enjoy them!

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