Sunday, 12th February 2006

Buggy time!

Abigail was getting a bit big for the carrycot, so we changed over to the “Buggy Formation”. We can’t see her when we’re out walking now – it’s very strange. Our little girl is getting big!

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Sunday, 12th February 2006

Winter woollies

Mum knitted a cardigan and hat for me. What do you think? Love the tassels!!

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Sunday, 12th February 2006


Abigail got some very cute gingham pyjamas for Christmas from great gran. We caught her reading the newspaper one evening just before bedtime. Little monkey!

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Sunday, 12th February 2006

More photos…

Some pictures taken over the Christmas period.

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Sunday, 12th February 2006

Abigail in her High Chair

Some photos of the princess in her new high chair! All ready for dinner…

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