Wednesday, 15th March 2006

Brainstorming or Thought Showering…

Warning this is a bit of a Rant!

I was at a training event today where for at least the 5-6 time in the last year I have been told that I can no longer use the phrase “Brain Storming” as it is offensive to people with Epilepsy. To start with that is clearly ridiculous, referring to a process of gathering information by the phrase “brain storm” has nothing to do with Epilepsy. However if I were to refer to someone having a seizure as having a “brain storm” that would most certainly be offensive… However the two are not linked!

Thankfully the Epilepsy charities agree with me and think the whole thing is a bit silly!

We are often asked about the word ‘brainstorming’ and whether its use is acceptable. Our view is that it depends upon the context: if the word is being used to describe a meeting where participants are suggesting ideas, then its use is not offensive to people with epilepsy. However, it should not be used to describe a seizure or the electrical activity within the brain during a seizure.

From Epilepsy Action


In a recent survey NSE, the UK’s leading epilepsy charity, found an overwhelming 93 per cent of people with epilepsy did not find the term derogatory or offensive in any way. In fact many felt that this sort of political correctness singled out people with epilepsy as being easily offended.

From National Society for Epilepsy

So the next time someone suggests to you you have a “thought shower” or do some “blue sky thinking” tell them to get off their politically correct high horse and join the real world and have a brain storm!

For those of you who are teachers please join me in my mini crusade to bring the Brain Storm back to school!

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Sunday, 12th March 2006

Christian Harris

Ruth went to see a friend of mine from work who had a baby boy last Saturday! I would have gone too but have been quite ill all weekend and didn’t think it fair to expose little Christian to my bugs!

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Saturday, 4th March 2006

Sitting on the bed…

Abigail can now sit up un-aided – at least for a few minutes! Here is a short video and some photos of her efforts.


Video needs re-uploading


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Saturday, 4th March 2006

Egg on her Face!

Abigail is now eating lots of different food, including scrambled eggs!


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Saturday, 4th March 2006

Samuel John Currington

We went to see a couple of our friends who have recently had their first baby. His name is Sam and he is very cute! He is about 10 days old in these pictures…

Photographs no longer available online

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