Wednesday, 19th April 2006

Swings ‘n Things…

Whislt we were down in Godalming staying with my Sister and her family we took Abigail to the swings. This is a collection of photographs of her having fun on the swings…


Also in here are a couple of photographs of Gemma and Maya my neices. If Abigail grows up to be as happy and content as they are we will be very happy!

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Wednesday, 12th April 2006

Trip to Godalming…

Just to let anyone who might be around know that Ruth, Abigail and I will be spending a few days visiting my Parents over the Easter break.

If any of you are about and want to meet up let me know.. My mobile number hasn’t changed!

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Wednesday, 12th April 2006

The Appendectomy

Well, as many of you will know, Ruth and I have had a rocky few weeks. I suffered from appendicitis and have subsequently had my appendix removed… This has resulted in me being laid up at home, we missed Spring Harvest and I can’t lift Abigail for at least another 2 weeks!!

For more of the details (more…)

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Monday, 10th April 2006

Sleepy Abigail

A few photographs of Abigail that were sitting on my computer at work that I meant to upload… She had clearly had a very long day!


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