Monday, 28th August 2006

Guess what I saw…

Can you guess what it is? Let’s just say they’re supposedly filming an excellent British adventure program in Warwick tomorrow, and a certain medical man has parked his travelling machine 5 mins from our house. It’s been covered over to disguise it. I’m going autograph hunting tomorrow!!!



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Saturday, 26th August 2006

Anna and Tom’s wedding

Another two of our friends got married in Coventry! Some more pictures…



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Friday, 25th August 2006

Wobbly walking

Abigail has been taking her first tentative steps!



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Thursday, 24th August 2006

Party in the Park

Some photographs of Abigail’s brithday party which we had in the cafe in St Nicholas Park. We all enjoyed some ice-cream and then went for a play on the swings!!



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Thursday, 24th August 2006

Flight Home

Some photographs of our flight home… Abigail was a very good girl and actually quite enjoyed the whole experience. That said I wouldn’t fancy trying to do a 12hour flight!


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