Saturday, 12th April 2008

Welcome to the all NEW Kemps’ Blog…

In my annual effort to keep our blog looking nice and, in part, to help it match our new web gallery (which is an Apple .Mac Web Gallery which we can update directly via iPhoto on the iMac), I have again revamped our blog!

We have moved back to a WordPress driven blog site, rather than the Drupal one we were using as I find it easier and simpler to theme and maintain.  I am still a huge fan of Drupal for projects that need a full Content Management System, such as the Warwick Baptists Church Site that I wrote –, but for a simple Blog I think WordPress is the way forward!

I have gone through and back-ported all of the image galleries from our old Gallery system into our new one, and placed them in the old posts.  Galleries are now displayed in each post as a small flash gallery which you can flick through by moving your mouse over. Clicking on an image takes you to that image in the album, and clicking on the link takes you to that album within the gallery.

The main gallery link can be a bit slow to open as there are thousands of photographs in there.  I am hoping that Apple will provide a means of separating the albums into different pages which would speed up the load time.

I have added the ability for people to subscribe to the blog and receive email updates, and Ruth suggested I add a few new names in so you may have received this by email…  If you don’t want to receive email updates there are instructions in the emails on how to unsubscribe.

Hopefully we will be a bit better in keeping the blog up to date in the future, and with only a few months till No. 2 is due I am sure there will be plenty more pictures on the way as well!

Keep in touch!

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