Saturday, 16th August 2008

At the park in Taunton

Our first trip to a wet park on Taunton!

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Tuesday, 5th August 2008

UPDATE: Gallery

Due to the problems people have been having with the gallery I have removed the photos from before Rosemary’s birth (only 5000 odd!)

As a result the gallery should now be working fine… Let me know if you continue to experience ptoblems.

I am looking into alternative solutions which might offer better photo support for the 6000 odd photographs we have!

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Saturday, 2nd August 2008

More Pictures…

Lots more pictures are in the gallery, I uploaded them last week but didn’t have time to write a note to let you all know!

You can find them by clicking on the word “gallery” above!

IE seems to having issues with the link above… If you can’t get it to work try – gallery link

The Gallery link at the top is now working in IE…  Seems IE doesn’t like spaces in page names!

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